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There are some things on earth that people find more interesting than others. Here is a tiny bit of what I personally like and on what I spend a considerable amount of my spare time:
Logo Sing&Pray First thing to mention would be singing in a choir. After being a member of the choir of my fomer high school for more than eight years, a peek into the world of the opera (A Village Romeo and Juliet by F. Delius) and a rather demotivating year with the Musici München, I now sing with Sing and Pray, the gospel choir of the Erlöserkirche in Fürstenfeldbruck near München. I also was a member of the Stephanus Voices and the Several Voices. More gospel-related links can be found here.
Besides that, I now and then set off for an entertaining trip into nature together with friends that own a GPS device. Geo caching frequently gets one into places that one has never been to before, even in areas that one believes to know as good as one's own pockets. And without solving tricky riddles, no progress can be made sometimes ...

The Groundspeak Geocaching Logo is a trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. Used with permission.
Logo Filmwochenende Very important to me is my commitment to the Weekend of International Film in Würzburg. We show about 40 films in 70 sessions at the last weekend of January every year to bring some cineastic culture to Würzburg.

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