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Deirdre the Dragoness Deirdre the Dragoness entered my life in about 1992. My then girl friend Ulrike Wolk presented a lovely gray jumper to me on which she had painted a rather large, rather green dragoness.

That Deidre was a dragoness was obvious to me immediately after looking into her wide eyes.

Deirdre got her name from Elisabeth H. Bullamore, a student I shared a hall with during my studies in England in 1993. According to her, pets should have a name starting with the same letter as the animal itself. Well, the first uncommon name we could think of was ... Deirdre.

The Dragoness has been designed by Ulrike Wolk together with Martina Baumann, who has also made some other creative presents as for instance a handcrafted Hagar-the-Horrible-Mobile.

Since then, Deirdre has become a part of my life and she not only decorates my jumper but also my stationary, my business cards and my web site. She exists as a MetaFont-Font and in a number of bitmap formats.

This summer, Deirdre has also conquered this world's third dimension - courtsey of SZ-Magazin's "Hammeraktion" and Trickfilmstudio Anima, Hamburg. I was able to spend a whole day there working on a clay figure animation film, and with professional supervision by Mrs. Matthaei and Mr. Zapletal, the 25 second epos "Deirdre the Dragoness" came into existence. Find out more here.

By the way: Deirdre's design is © Ulrike Wolk and I am the only one authorised to use it.

Deirdre the Dragoness

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