Harry M. Ohlhaut - Love is a Wonderful Dream

Im Oktober 2008 traf ich endlich die ältesten noch lebenden Ohlhauts aus den USA. Aus der Feder des bereits verstorbenen Harry M. Ohlhaut stammt das unten abgebildete Werk.

Strolling one night in the pale moon light with your sweethart close by your side,
whispering tales of love so true our happiness no one knew;
fond recollections came back to me as I looked in your eyes of blue
your pretty smiles and your winning ways make me dream of you.

Love is a wonderful dream after all
my visions of you while in slumberland I recall,
those happy hours that we spent together seemed like Paradise to me;
All night and all day I'm dreaming of you,
your picture I do adore; and how beautiful to me it did seem
Love is a wonderful dream.

There are times when you are lonely and blue your thoughts are of your darling true,
close by her side you long to be to kiss her sweet lips once more;
mem'ries of old then bring back again when we first met down by the lane
mid'st flowers and trees and the sweet evening breeze I recall once more.

Love is a wonderful dream after all ...

Viel Spaß beim Spielen!

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